Jason McKenzy is a artist in the EDM scene.
From a young age he started to experiment with music.
On the age of 6 years he had his first dj set in his parents living room.
After that he'd play parties. With 9 year he had his own radio show Disaster Of Madness.
In the meantime he was practicing his mixing skills.
When he was 16 he started producing his own music and after a few months he released his first single "Activate" on an independent label. He also made remixes for different artists.
On the age of 18 Jason started his own record label, called VC Records . 
The label is a tribute to his grandfather who passed away from a terrible disease 
After Jason’s grandpa passed away he took his grandfathers initials V C .
On the label Jason wants to help out young stared producers .
To make a long story short, Jason McKenzy wants to make people all over the world happy with his music. His motto: Never give up, the sky is limit.