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Jason McKenzy is a Belgium-American

artist in the EDM scene.

From a young age he started to experiment with music.

On the age of 6 years he had his first dj set in his parents living room.

After that he'd play parties. With 9 year he had his own radio show Disaster Of Madness on Local Radio Stations first in US afterwards in Belgium .

In the meantime he was practicing his mixing skills.

On the age of 13 his Grandfather died from a terrible disease ,

Jason could not cope with this lost and got into a Deep and long depression that lasted several years. 3 Years further at the age of 16 Jason Started out Producing Music what was Jason’s way to get relief from this dark period of his life .

One Year Later Jason released his first song to the world on a independent label in Sweden under the name Jason D .

Jason has gone true a few name chances Like DJ SunShine Jason D and finally Jason McKenzy .

Under the name Jason D he had his first top 40 song on Beatport that peaked on number 8 For 4 Weeks . 

On the age of 18 Jason started his own record label, called VC Records .

The label is meant to be a tribute to his grandfather, 

Jason used the initials from his grandpa V C .

And a new era was born .

The moment Jason Chances to his final Artist name “Jason McKenzy” He released a couple instrumental songs . 

These songs Got some Popularity on the Tik Tok Platform .

After this Jason started to work on a collaboration with LA Singer Songwriter Trove , together they made Mystery a future base pop song what peaked for 2 and a half week later on the number one position in the iTunes Main-charts in Europe 

Jason McKenzy wants to make people all over the world happy with his music. His motto: Never give up, the sky is not the limit.